The George Mackay Brown Trail

The street uncoiled like a sailor’s rope from North to South
And closes swarmed up the side of the hill
Among garden and clouds,
And closes stepped down to the harbour
And the nets and whitemaas.

from Per Mare, Act 2, The Chorus of Women, by George Mackay Brown (1967, an unpublished Pageant)

Stromness under Brinkie’s Brae

In 2021, the centenary of the birth of the writer, the Orkney Arts Society devised the George Mackay Brown Trail, which leads visitors and others on three walks through the town and surrounding countryside, passing along the way places associated with the writer and which feature at times in his writing.

The walks can be done in succession or separately. They lead through the town, up Brinkie’s Brae, and along the West Shore coastal track to the kirkyard at Warbeth where GMB is buried.

The trail leaflet contains a map, gives directions along the route, and includes notes on each stage along the way with which GMB had a connection.

It was produced by the Orkney Arts Society in partnership with Stromness Museum and with the support of The George Mackay Brown Fellowship.

You can download the George Mackay Brown Trail PDF here.

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