Rognvald Thomson: ‘The Storm’ in Aberdeenshire

I noticed the recent news piece run on the BBC website about The Storm by GMB. I’m writing to let you know that my wife and I have a copy. We live in Aberdeenshire and acquired the book from a neighbour when she was emigrating and therefore slimming down her possessions. She had Orkney connections on her father’s side and would have acquired the book from him. 

She gave us the book (among other Orkney books) because of our own connections with Orkney. My father and his ancestors were all Orcadians, and our son and my mother live in Orkney. 

My mother also has a copy of The Storm! She has contacted Huw Williams at Radio Orkney to let him know. So that’s at least 2 out of 300 you know about.

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