To the World

To the World is a lively collection of short prose, poetry and art work in crayon, pen and paint around the theme of mental health and wellbeing. The work here, produced by people in Orkney,  reflects on things that concern us all – relationships, solitude, stigma and exclusion; illness, ageing and death; life histories; the natural world; the future. Here is the articulation of experience of loss and loneliness, fear and pain – and also of love, connection, hope and transformation.

Along with other contributions, To the World includes work stimulated by the Creative Minds writing workshops run by the GMB Fellowship and led by writers John Glenday and Rosie Alexander.

The volume concludes, appropriately, with ‘To the World’, a moving plea or prayer for the recognition of our individuality and common humanity.

To the World

Do not look at me with sadness n your eyes.
Do not tut when I walk past,
or raise your eyebrows when I talk.
Smile at me with your heart,
and allow me to smile at you.

Let me walk alone.
But show me it does not always have to be so.
Let my determination never outweigh my compassion.
Let me fight.

To the world I am part of,
Never let me die.

Halina Romaniszyn

Compiled and edited by Rosie Alexander
with a foreword by Suzanne Vestri and John Glenday

First published in October 2012 by The George Mackay Brown Fellowship and Orkney Minds with funding from ‘see me’, Scotland’s national campaign to tackle the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health.


Rosie Alexander, Amy Allan, Lucy Alsop, GK Amos, Kate Barrett, Pam Beasant, Celia Clark, John Doyle, Lucy Gibbon, John Glenday, Yvonne Gray, Ruth Penelope Hall, Sylvia Hays, David Lea, Natasha Leslie, LC Littlejohn, Tim Morrison, Debbie Ralph, Halina Romaniszyn, Jeanne Bouza Rose, Ash Rosie, Margaret Sparkes, Margaret Storr, Calum Swanson, Catherine Turnbull, Cary Welling and other writers.


Cover design and page layout:
Iain Ashman

Cover images:
Debbie Ralph and Celia Clark

Inside images:
Celia Clark, Natasha Leslie, K. Mitchell, Debbie Ralph, Margaret Sparkes and other artists

Printed by:
The Orcadian Ltd, Hell’s Half Acre, Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1DY

Product details

Paperback: 96 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9566616-3-0

Price £6.00 (£7.00 including p&p)

To the World

Prose, poetry and artwork from writers and artists in Orkney


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