A New Orkney Anthology

This anthology was compiled and edited by Pamela Beasant who held the first GMB Creative Writing Fellowship in 2007. It brings together a year’s worth of creative writing from writers all over Orkney, and includes work by those who visited from London, Edinburgh and Shetland during 2007 to give readings and workshops.

Compiled and edited by Pamela Beasant

First published 1 May 2008 by The George Mackay Brown Writing Fellowship 
in association with Orkney Museums and Heritage, Orkney Islands Council


  • John Aberdein
  • Alex Ashman
  • Freda Bayne
  • Pamela Beasant
  • Frances Bell
  • Galen Brown
  • Diana Clay
  • Elizabeth Coward
  • Christina De Luca
  • John Edmondson
  • Mike Fairbairn
  • Bill Ferguson
  • Ron Ferguson
  • Alison Flett
  • Becky Ford
  • Clare Gee
  • Yvonne Gray
  • Emma Grieve

  • Annie Harcus
  • Sylvia Hays
  • Sally Heddle
  • Ella Henderson
  • Diana Hendry
  • Jim Hewitson
  • Fran Flett Hollinrake
  • Laureen Johnson
  • Lynn Johnson
  • Dave Linklater
  • LC Littlejohn
  • Ian McDonough
  • John McGill
  • Fiona MacInnes
  • Morag MacInnes
  • Lesley McLeod
  • Jennifer MacRae
  • Gordon Marriott
  • Paul Maxton
  • Dorrie Morrison
  • Andrew Motion
  • Alistair Peebles
  • Andrew Philip
  • Joanna Ramsey
  • Olive Ritch
  • Cathy Scott
  • KK Scott
  • Sinclair Scott
  • Doreen Sinclair
  • Margaret Storr
  • Anne Thomson
  • Roderick Thorne
  • Kate Townsend
  • Helga Tulloch
  • Laura Watts
  • Nigel Wheale
  • Hamish Whyte
  • Bill Wilson


Cover design and page layout:
Iain Ashman

Cover image:
Buried in the Sand (1992) by Erlend Brown

Inside images:
Rik Hammond
Rebecca Marr (Art and Agriculture Artist in Residence, 2007)
Christil Trumpet (Papdale Primary School Artists in Residence, 2006-7)
Lars Abrahamson

Printed by:
The Orcadian Ltd, Hell’s Half Acre, Hatston, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1DY

Product details

Paperback: 176 pages
ISBN: 978-954-8862-91-2

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