Barbara Stevenson

Barbara (Babs) Stevenson is a creative writer living in Quoyloo, having moved to Orkney in 2014.  

She grew up reading the works of George Mackay Brown and was fortunate to meet him on a holiday to Orkney in the early eighties. Living in Orkney has given her a deeper insight into his writing. She has been fascinated by the uniqueness of Orcadian folklore for some time and has a particular interest in the work of Walter Traill Dennison.

With her family coming from Galloway, she is more familiar with Lallans rather than Orcadian and enjoys writing in it, feeling the languages allows more freedom of expression compared to English. As the South West of Scotland has had Pictish and Nordic influences she finds it intriguing to compare the similarities between Lallans and Norn/Orcadian.

She is a member of the Stromness Writing Group and since moving to Orkney she has taken up handbell ringing with the Borealis Bells. Other hobbies include music, birdwatching and walking.

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