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Continuity and Change

During the Centenary of the birth of George Mackay Brown an exciting collaboration is being developed between the GMB Fellowship and Orkney Camerata. We are inviting people to think about continuity and change – ideas which can be seen throughout the work of George Mackay Brown, and which may have a particular resonance for us now. And we have invited people to create new writing and new music that reflects these themes.

Working with words

In the first part of the project, adults and young people (secondary school age and over) were invited to write a poem or short prose piece reflecting on continuity and/or change. 

The writing was to respond to, or be inspired by, or take as its starting point a work by George Mackay Brown – a poem, a title, a line. 

Two creative writing workshops were held in April, attended by 20 writers.

The writing part of the project closed on Friday 21 May. You can now see all the submissions to the project here:

Words into Music: Working with Words.

Working with music

Composers are invited to select a text from our website and use it as the starting point for a new piece of music. This can be either an instrumental piece inspired by the text or a setting of the words for voice and instrumental ensemble. Please contact us to let us know which text you have chosen:  gmbfellows@gmail.com

Composers need not use the entire text they have chosen – they may use a section of it or quotation from it.

We hope, where appropriate, arrangements can be made for composers and writers to ‘meet’ (e.g. on Zoom) to discuss the work in progress.

A selection of pieces submitted will be made for performance and recording by Orkney Camerata. Depending on Covid restrictions this may not happen until after the end of the Centenary year.

To read more about the composers’ part of the project and how to submit work, go to Words into Music . . . Working with Music.

Orkney Camerata in rehearsal in St Magnus Cathedral in 2017

Where next . . .?

You can read the new writing submitted to the GMB Fellowship and Orkney Camerata GMB Centenary project here:

Words into Music: Working with Words

If you’d like to explore material from the Words into Music writing workshops, go to:

Words into Music: Two Workshops

To find out more about the composers’ part of the project go to:

Words into Music . . . Working with Music

To find out about other GMB Centenary events in our calendar go to:

GMB Centenary 2021

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